• Why Management ?

Programme Design

To young graduates with no prior experience in business but who exhibit entrepreneurial ambitions.

To the next generation of Family Business owners.

To promote the development of socio-economically sensitive, responsible and effective managers and management academics of tomorrow.

The Features of Management

The globalization of markets is one of the “flatteners” driving graduate management education. In a knowledge economy, the recruiting cycle is global and considers programs with different formats and definitions of value. They transcend geographies and cultures, and assimilating exposure to these domains enhances the value of a management degree. So, as big data increasingly dominates technology as well as key management decisions, a business management graduate must appreciate that his demand sustains itself on re-skilling his core competencies.

Program Aim

Prepare the participant for a leadership role in his/her family business and be a positive influence.

Program is exclusively designed for sons/daughters of family business owners and those who wish to pursue entrepreneurial career.

To provide knowledge, tools and skills required for managing a business.

To sharpen the ability and skills to understand the intricacies desired to scale up the family businesses.

To provide strong technical, economic and financial understanding, especially in the field of international operations, information technology, business analytics, customer engagement, succession planning, tax and corporate governance.

To provide networking opportunities and mentoring services.

Develop skills in successful initiating, expanding, diversifying and managing a business enterprise with focus on understanding real life business situations and business practices.

Inculcate among students the entrepreneurial competencies including self-confidence, goal setting, planning, information seeking, problem solving and planned risk taking.

Programme Outcome (PO)

PO - I:Knowledge: To acquaint students with strong theoretical background of management theory along with its application in real business world. Students will be able to use various management models in industry and real working environment.

PO - II:Core Competence: Students will develop professional skills in management, finance, production, marketing, human resource and international business through the utilization of innovative educational processes, in a modern, global and technological business environment for immediate employment and for life-long learning in advanced areas of management and related fields.

PO - III:Leadership: Students will be able to, demonstrate their leading role in the community, enabling him or her to take responsibilities and contribute to solve problems through innovative thinking, collective work, reflection, and self-development.

PO - IV:Problem Solving: Development of problem solving skills by effective team work, effective communication, critical thinking and solving real problems through the use of management knowledge.

PO - V:Professionalism: Students will be provided with an educational foundation that prepares them for corporate environment, leadership roles along diverse career paths with encouragement to professional ethics and active participation needed for a successful career.

PO - VI:Entrepreneurial Skills: Students will develop entrepreneurial skills through participating in various corporate expert session on recent trends in the field of management, soft skill session and management fest as well as cultural fest. Students will be provided platform to explain various business opportunities and challenges in a global business environment and approaches to deal with people in different situations.

  • Why BBA?

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program is a 3-year full time program, which provides knowledge, understanding and coverage of all business and management disciplines. The overall aim of the program is to provide students with a thorough grounding in theoretical and practical aspects of business and allied courses. The distinguishing feature of the BBA program at SVP, Surat is the applied and realistic nature of delivery and its relevance to the real world business situations and its applications. The program provides a wide array of preferences corresponding to different career choices with high expected returns in terms of professional and vocational relevance. 78% family - enterprises support community initiatives 96% of the Indian family - businesses have non-family members on their board as compared to the global average of 64%. Family businesses account for almost 85% of businesses in the country; they contribute nearly 60-70% of GDP (Boston Consulting Group). Two out of every three listed company in India is family owned. In fact, India has the largest block of family - owned businesses in Asia. According to the CII’s Family Business Network (India chapter), the gross output of these family-run businesses accounts for 90% of India’s industrial output, 79% of organized private sector employment, and 27% of overall employment. Family owned businesses are also investing in Indian start-ups in a big way.

Surat Business Scenario

Surat is 4th fastest growing city in the world .It is best known for its food, textile, diamond cutting and polishing industries. Surat produces over 40% of man-made fabric of India. One study shows that over 90% of polyester used in India is produced in Surat. Surat polishes over 90% of the world’s rough diamonds. It is believed that 9 out of 10 diamonds in Manhattan, New York, is from Surat. Almost all small and Medium Scale industries in Surat are family - owned and run.

BBA with Finance Specialization

Students will be able to analyze financial statement for critical discussion.

Students will be able to understand various financial management theory and model to manage financial resources effectively.

Students will get acquainted security market and portfolio management.

Students will be able to manage various financial services.

Students will be able to understand financial management and advanced financial management theory and their application.

BBA with Marketing Specialization

Students will be able to analyze market through various concepts of marketing.

Students will be acquainted with consumer behavior and strategies to apply in real marketplace.

Students will be able to manage the consumer supply chain and retail market.

Students will be able to identify and access global marketing opportunities in the international Marketplace.

Students will be acquainted with applications of promotional tools and advertising.

  • Why BBA at S.V.Patel?

Teaching Pedagogy

“At SVP, learning is challenging, engaging, strengthening and enjoyable at the same time. We focus on encouraging students to engage in a rigorous process of learning and self-discovery. The college has moved away from the conventions of the status-quo as applied in most academic programs and has adopted a highly focused approach to education versus rote learning. Each day, students focus on one key course and spend time on learning the course fundamentals and their application in business and society.”

Pedagogy: Workshops, Seminars & Interactive Sessions

Parent series- helping in sharing existing leadership styles which are not covered in any books and management strategies. Sharing family run businesses and issues of concerns also family culture and business culture existing. Guest – Speakers who are practicing and managing Family Business challenges. Government officials – who closely deal with the business (excise, IT office etc). Facilitators: – Banking sector professional, CA’s, IT experts. This will provide the participants with greater visibility as a practicing professional and also provide for networking opportunities. In order to break the monotony of repeated teachers – sessions can be widely distributed amongst various in house and visiting faculties. Faculties from the University, successful family business houses and outside institutions will conduct various sessions of the programme.

Career Development

At SVP, a career is not just an output of an academic intervention but a unique methodology that combines a deeper understanding of one’s self, an appreciation and study of the environment and a deeper look at the purpose of making a career. The Model we follow is personalized and customized job searches for our students wherein every student has the opportunity to look for a diverse range of opportunities that are culmination of their inherent talent, inbuilt tendencies and their aspirations for progress.

The Career Development Cell consists of the following services

Internship & Live Project Opportunities – This service allows students to enroll for internships which may or may not be a part of the academic progression. In addition, we offer students the opportunity to work with organisations on live projects that deal with the live application of learning.

Career Guidance – This service enables any student to approach for questions regarding what they should do and how they can plan and design their career path over the course of time at the College.

Counselling – At the juncture that most of our students are, there are a lot of fears, confusions and questions regarding the future and what one wants. We offer counselling and assessments for all students to get deeper answers and the professional support for their growth.

Placements – The Career Development Cell also works with the Industry and brings to the students the various employment opportunities available.

Student Development – In the course of student’s tenure at the college, there may be many different interventions required to be effective in the areas of language, communication, and public speaking, soft and technical skills that may be beyond the bounds of the curriculum which are handled by the CDC.

The effort at S.V. Patel College, is to create leaders who are not only great citizens of India but are also individuals with a sense of ethics, responsibility and capabilities.