• Amenities

  • Computer Lab

    We have well equipped, air conditioned multiple computer labs with latest software and hardware installed to impart knowledge among students and to meet the latest trend in the world of technology.

    To serve the curiosity of additional learning, our lab has internet and wifi facilities for our students.

  • Gymkhana

    Physical Education:

    Physical education is an educational process that has its aim the improvement of human performance and enhancement of human development through the medium of physical activities selected to realize this outcome.

    Physical education is based on a common core of learning experience planned on a sequential arrangement appropriate to the individual stages of social, emotional intellectual and psychomotor development.


    Sports includes all forms of competitive physical activity or games which through casual or organized participation aim, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants as well as provides entertainment for spectators.

  • ICT embedded Classrooms

    ICT (Information and Communication technology) is a form of education system where technology is used to enhance the information provided to the students.

    We have projector facilities in each and every class which gives our students better learning environment.

    As it is rightly said that graphics learning is more effective compared to textual learning, our ICT classrooms also provides Audio Visual effects which helps students to explore their learning.

  • Library

    Overview of Facilities & Policies

    Shri Shambhai V. Patel College of Computer Science and Business Management’s library aims at providing access to its printed resources such as books and Periodicals for the use of library members of the college. The library stock is increasing at a rate of approximately 500 books a year. The library also subscribes to over 22 current periodicals.

    Collection Development

    Any library member of college may recommend the purchase of desired or relevant book to the librarian. Books from vendors on approval are available in the library from time to time. All members are encouraged to peruse the titles in display and make recommendations. Recommendation forms are available at the library counter.

    Any member may recommend new periodical subscription. The librarian will decide this on input from faculty, available funds and academic need.

    Circulation of Books & Materials

    Library members may check-out books or project reports and past year question papers during working hours and should sign out the items at the library counter. A member may have a maximum of two books and one bound project report checked-out on their name at any time. The books are issued for a maximum of one week and then they may be renewed if no reservations on the items indicated. Bound project report may be issued for maximum of two days.

    If a request for an already issued item is received, the librarian may ask for the item to be returned to the library. The minimum period before a return can be requested for books is five days and bound project report is one day.

    Periodicals and news papers are issued from the library for a maximum of two hours with the permission of the librarian during normal working hours. Any extended borrowing of periodicals for more than two hours and not exceeding 24 hours will be considered on the merits of each individual case decided upon by the librarian.

    Fines will be charged on late return of books. Amount collected through fines and replacement charges will be used for the library requirements.

    Books and Periodicals borrowed from the library may not be taken outside unless special permission is given.

    Loss and Defacement of Books and other Library Materials.

    The cost of replacement with additional 50% handling fee will be charged to the person for loss or damage to the library materials. Book-grants may not be used to settle library dues. Any member, if determined to have defaced or damaged any library item intentionally will have his/her library privileges revoked for a period of time determined by the librarian. Library privileges may be revoked permanently for multiple or serious offences.

    Members must take care of library materials and must not deface them by underlining, writing or drawing in them, by removing any part of them, or in any other way.

    Inter-Library Loan

    Inter-library loan is a service through which library materials not owned by the college library may be requested from other libraries.

    Code of Conduct

    • No loud conversation or group discussions are allowed in the library.
    • Laptop computer if used in the library must have their own power and cable connector.
    • No food or drink is allowed in the library.
    • Borrowing materials without a valid membership / identity card is prohibited. No one will be permitted to use another member ID Card and Reader’s Ticket / name to borrow materials.
    • Please take your personal belongings with you when exiting the library. The library is not responsible for any item left in the library.
    • Cell phone is not allowed in the library.
  • CCTV Survellience

    Our college is under high end CCTV surveillance where cameras have been installed above stair cases, corridors, class rooms, entry and exit point. This provides following potential advantages:

    • Protection against unauthorized intruders
    • They can be used as a powerful anti-bullying tools
    • Useful in emergency situation
    • Keeping an eye on parking area which helps to protect staff/ student vehicles
    • Prevent vandalism
    • Observe busy corridors