Since its inception in the year 1966, Surat Education Society has been active in accomplishing its aims and objectives to serve the society better through establishment of various Educational Institute.

Karamvir and renowed Co-operative, social and political leader Shri Shambhubhai Patel is a pioneer of it. His Dreams and vision are behind it. With his feet firmly on the ground his-head is firmly held high. Shri Shambhubhai lives simply and with mere basic needs and most unlike the head of trust. he always concerns about development & progress. Since childhood he was having interest in politics & Social welfare. He has a clear vision of what he wants to do for the scociety.

Shri kamleshbhai Patel a well-known advocate and academician joined hands in this 'YAGNA' as vice chairman. Through his devotion, the society has become stronger. He has many best qualitites like imagination and innovation whatever he plans using these quality he executes it well. Dream Big Aim for the bset. Good self discipline is a Hallmark of this Leader. He always has "Can Do" attitude.

Shri Nitinbhai Mehta a wel-known social worker of the city also has in a capacity of secretary provided valuable guidance in the development of institutes of the society. He is the person who transforms obstacles into opportunity.

Shri Shanil patel as a young, dynamic leader working as a joint secretary of the society continuously provides guidance and encouragement in the society's activites. He believes in Resolution + Hardwork = Success. He always welcomes fresh ideas and ideals. He is both thinker and performer. He believes in energy through synergy.


To become a pioneer institute which helps the scociety in its ovarall development by creating and nurturing intellactuals for global leadership

Former President

Late Shri Shambhubhai Patel


Shri Kamleshbhai Patel


Shri Nitinbhai Mehta

Jt. Secretary

Shri Shanilbhai Patel

From Principal's Desk

Shri Shambhubhai V. Patel College of Computer Science & Business Management College is an educational institution of exemplary standards in Surat city.

Shri Shambhubhai V. Patel College of Computer Science & Business Management College is an educational institution of distinction, combining excellence with innovation. The college places a high value on providingits students with a fulfilling educational experience in their chosen discipline. It offers academic courses to students, giving them individual goals. Extensive applied research ensures that the best and latest developments in industry, commerce and the public sectors are incorporated into our courses. I am confident that you will find a pathway to a bright future in a chosen career or profession.

Rigorous academic procedures, commitment to quality education, extensive investment, solid management and continuous development are the principles that have raised the College's profile and shaped its growth. Students at SVP enjoy the advantages of a unique combination: quality and credibility. We are proud of all that we have accomplished until now. We are also confident of the prospectus that pen for both our students and the College in the future. It is in this faith that we offer to you an educational experience which is shaped by commitment. enthusiasm, discipline, effectiveness, insight and creativity: an educational experience which can withstand the demands of the contemporary world.

I extend a very warm welcome to all students who wish to join Shri Shambhubhai V. Patel College of Computer Science & Business Management from academic session 2013-14. I assure all of you that you will be fully equipped with the state-of-the art theoretical knowledge, innovative and crative practical skills and enterpreneurial attitudes to achieve brilliant success in life. I wish grand success to all of you and your endeavour of higher education at Shri Shambhubhai V. Patel College of Computer Science & Business Management.


Mr. Chintu Thakkar