Late Shri. Shambhubhai V. Patel

"A true Gandhian Leader", a person who dedicated his entire life to the principles of honesty, trust, unity and encouraged positive thinking together by providing inspiring leadership. With a view to help the needy people, he established many organizations which still today spread the fragrance of his deeds. He tirelessly endeavored to serve the society and has become immortal in the memory of people.

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  • Why IT ?

    Information technology is a progressive and constantly changing industry, promising a wide range of opportunities. If you have always loved the idea of working with computers, a career in IT is the ideal pathway for you to choose. No matter what industry you’re looking into, most modern businesses need people with general skills and knowledge of how to support information technology activities in the workplace.

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  • Why Choose BCA from S.V. Patel?

    Since 11 years of its inception, SVP has become a leading hub of education, offering one of the best undergraduate programmes in IT.

    SVP is located Near Sumul dairy road surroundings of Surat city, making it easy for the commuters to reach the institute very easily. The Institute provides disciplined, serene and conducive environment for reflection, repose and study.

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  • Why Management ?

    Programme Design
    Young graduates with no prior experience in business but who exhibit entrepreneurial ambitions, and The next generation of Family Business owners. To promote the development of socio-economically sensitive, responsible and effective managers and management academics of tomorrow.

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  • Why Choose BBA from S.V. Patel?

    The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree program is a 3-year full time program, which provides knowledge, understanding and coverage of all business and management disciplines.

    The overall aim of the program is to provide students with a thorough grounding in theoretical and practical aspects of business and allied courses. The distinguishing feature of the BBA program at SVP..

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